Case Study.

Understanding the challenges managing MLM system

Target Audiences


Internal Staff

What's Their Problems

Before implementing IBS, our client (ELKEN SDN BHD - based in Malaysia) was struggling to effectively manage our MLM system. We had a growing network of distributors, but we lacked a centralised platform to manage their activities and track their progress.

Another challenge was the administrative burden of managing our MLM system.We were using a combination of spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to track our network's activities, which was time-consuming and error-prone.

Overall, the lack of a centralized platform for managing our MLM system was hindering our growth and limiting our ability to support our network of distributors.


IBS provided a centralized platform for managing MLM tasks and actions, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burden.

Members can easily track their sales and recruitment activities, giving Elken real-time visibility into network performance.

IBS offers access to training materials and communication tools, improving member engagement and support.

The platform streamlines processes, allowing Elken to better support members, grow their network, and improve overall performance.

Easily customize and configure the platform to meet their specific needs, ensuring that the system works seamlessly with their unique MLM program.

Prototype Validation

A wireframes that outline blueprints for web pages or app screens.


Implementing IBS allowed Elken to streamline administrative processes, improve member engagement and support, and grow their network.

IBS provided a centralized location for managing MLM tasks and actions, giving Elken real-time visibility into network performance and member activities.

The platform was customized to meet Elken's specific needs, ensuring seamless integration with their unique MLM program.

The process of building IBS taught Elken the importance of developing a platform that can be easily configured and customized to meet changing business needs.

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