Case Study.

Understanding the languages through collaboratively work

Target Audiences



What Their Problems?


Translator / Intepreter


Time saving on translate your website or application

To build a Customer Centric product

To Target a specific customer with their language

First Thoughts and Insights

After get the first information from research and analysist, we made initial hypotheses

Users are more interested in tools that can helps them to translate something

The tools must be use fot both developers and translator

Online Collaboration

No need installation, so regardless the OS to use, as long as have internet access then good-to-go

Safari or Chrome user friendly

Back-and-Forth process of Proofreading is quite time consuming


Machine Translation

Design Tools Friendly

Real-time Collaboration

API Integration

Why we build Translatie?

In most of the countries, English is used as the medium of communication. Yet, it doesn’t likeable by many, especially the emerging market.​

Languages can become a scary barrier to all business.